Beer Baseball Hat

We offer beer carton cowboy hats made from real beer cases. So here’s your chance to make a real fashion statement. Top off your tailgating attire with beer box hats crafted from beer cases. Wear a Beer Hat to your next sporting event, race, concert or redneck wedding. Do it in style with these beer box hats, made in the USA. There’s no doubt you’ll be the most popular person with our Stetson style beer cowboy hats. Rock on with these beer box hats, made in the USA. There’s no doubt you’ll be the most popular person at concerts, sporting events and parties. Beer-Hats are made from actual beer cartons and are durable and water resistant. What better way to express your American spirit than to wear a beer hat with your favorite beer that expresses the best of America. If you get rained on, just wipe it off and let it dry! Keep your noggin’ Kool with one of these great looking Beer Hats! Made from actual 18 packs of beer, you can now wear your favorite brew beer box cowboy hats are made from an eighteen pack of beer. Available in most all the major beer brands. so be prepared for the attention!


The Beer Box Cowboy Hat is a unique and unusual gift idea great for parties and conversational starters. So go ahead Cowboy up partner. Beer Carton Cowboy Hat specializes in Beer Hats, Beer Hats for Sale, Discount Beer Hats For Sale and other merchandise for beer. Everyone needs a beer hat to wear when they have a good time. Beer box hats are popular choices because they’re so stylish. As seen at college frat house parties, sporting events and bars, beer cowboy hats made out of a beer box each beer hat has its own unique design. This Stetson style hat has a high crown, wide brim and is crafted in the usa. Whether you are going to the race track, to a concert or just down to the local pub Beer Hat are a hit with the ladies. Beer case Hat. Re-defining beer fashion. Fun, hilarious, and oh-so-good looking. Each Beer Box Hat is one-size-fits-all. When you put a Beer Box Hat on your head, you’re not just any other dude with just any other hat. You are THE DUDE!